Saree Loving – Always and Forever

Sarees are absolutely enthralling.

Why is this girl so obsessed about sarees, I hear you asking. Well it all comes down to my mother. She has been and continues to be my biggest inspiration when it comes to wearing sarees. Firstly, she is just impeccable when it comes to draping them. She knows exactly how to make a saree look elegant and sexy all at the same time. She drapes the saree in a way that shows of a girl’s figure in the most modest way possible – she was the one who taught me that one does not need to show off too much skin when wearing a saree to make themselves look sexy…and yes she is 100% right. Secondly, when you see my mum in a saree, you cannot keep your eyes off her. She carries herself so elegantly, really showing off how much she owns that saree! It was her who made me realise that draping and carrying oneself in a saree is a beauty in itself, and if I could drape and carry myself half as well as she does, I would be an extremely happy bunny!

I love wearing all kinds of sarees, but in the past year I have fallen in love with plain sarees. No prints, no sequins, no embroidery, no border. Why? Honestly speaking, I’m in love with simplicity. The simpler something is, the more I fall for it. Over the years, I have realised how much of a simple person I have become and my outfits have started to reflect that.

Favourite Looks

I am definitely not a fashionista, but recently I have been receiving messages about where I get my sarees/blouses from, so I thought to use this space to share that with all of you by showing you all some of my favourite looks (corresponding images for which are in the gallery above).

‘All in Black’ – January 2016 – This was the first ever time I had tried out a plain saree, and the response for it was unbelievable. For some reason, the ‘All in Black’ look came across very sophisticated and most importantly simple. This ‘saree blouse’ was actually a crop top which I got from online.

‘Passion’ – February 2016 – My friends and I decided to call this look ‘Passion’. It is that maroon saree – there was something so empowering about it! I think what everyone really loved about this look was the combination of black and maroon. The ‘saree blouse’ was again a turtle neck style crop top.

The ‘DIY Saree blouse’ look is a combination of that same black saree from before. The blouse is not a crop top at all. In fact, it was originally a normal top which I cut and made into a ‘crop top’. It was a top that I got for £4 and I hardly wore it, hence it felt right to make more use of it with sarees.

Wearing a plain white saree was a risky move indeed. When I bought it, my mum did question my sanity quite a bit. However, the moment she saw these photos she took her words back. White gives off a very elegant and angelic look and that’s what I wanted to put across. The ‘Black and White’ look is a traditional saree drape with a She By Shiyaa halter neck black saree blouse. The ‘Dhoti Drape’ is the same saree draped in the dhoti style (inspired by Bajirao Mastani), and I wore that with my favourite lengha blouse for a recent dance performance.

The ‘Sensual’ look is my recent and most favourite look and it was all down to the crop top. When I saw the crop top online, I could not resist the temptation of buying it. As a crop top, yes it is very sensual indeed. When paired with a saree, it looks that much classier in my opinion. I was a little scared to try it out, but I did it anyway and the compliments came flooding in.

Over the past year, I have realised how much I love pairing sarees with more western blouses/accessories. With all my favourite looks, I hope you understand that I love the mix and match culture. Buying saree sets is honestly too mainstream for me nowadays and what is even more exciting to note is that it is actually so cheap!

So my love for sarees will never stop. If I had the option, I would chose to wear sarees all day, every day. However, jokes aside, I’ve realised that fashion is simple: wear things which you are comfortable in. You should never force anything upon yourself just because someone else does it. Your clothing should be an extension of yourself. I am a very simple girl and I want my outfits to convey that. Ultimately be yourself, because that way you will not need to follow trends – you will be setting the trends!


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