Write like no one is reading

‘Writing is the painting of the voice’ – Voltaire

I was never a massive fan of writing. Ever since I was a kid, reading books I could do non-stop. Writing, on the other hand, was a big challenge for me. Surprisingly it is now one of my hobbies, just like reading has always been. Why? Well I have found a lot of peace in writing; a lot of time to study and reflect on myself, which I’ve never had the opportunity to do – actually I’ve never given myself the opportunity to do so.

Whenever I feel like my mind is cluttered and I need answers, or whenever I have something strong to say about situations I have encountered both directly and indirectly, I resort to writing it all down now.

Amongst all my friends there are a fair few of us who blog. When I had a chat with a couple of them, we were all in sync with one thing – our blogs only reflect a proportion of the writing that we actually do. The public only gets to see around 10% of what we actually write. This made me realise one thing – we write for ourselves. We write to bring out any thoughts which we want to explore. We write because we love writing.

I have come to really value the importance of writing. I have been going through a whirlwind of emotions in the past few weeks. Therefore, I wrote all my thoughts, insecurities and opinions down. I do not think I will ever share it on social media because honestly speaking those are my personal musings, which I’d prefer to keep to myself. I did nonetheless share it with one of my friends. She was surprised that I allowed her to read something so deep and personal. As a result we ended up talking on end about our insecurities and why we write. Why am I telling you this little story? Well, this is one example to show why I write. I write to let my emotions out. I am awful at expressing myself when I am angry or upset. Writing about it however, provides me with an opportunity to reflect on particular events in my life. It helps me question life, which I was always scared to do.

So here comes my biggest advice to all those who say ‘I’m too scared to write about personal things’. Writing should never be about social media. It should be about yourself. If you ever feel like your ideals may inspire another, and you are brave enough to share it, then kudos to you – you definitely should. For the most part, do it for yourself. Let me reiterate at this point that it does not have to be via writing alone. Some like painting, some like making music, some like choreographing dance pieces. It is so important to value your feelings and with such busy lives we forget to reflect on ourselves. I have found writing as one of my ways of doing so. Start the journey of finding yours. The moment you have, I promise you, you will not turn back.


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