Blogging or Vlogging? 

I got suggested by an individual on Instagram, who had read my blogs, that I should consider Vlogging. 

I did not reject this idea straight away. I did take some time to think about it, because as a dancer it does at times make sense to document my experiences as videos, which can then be shared and easily accessible to those who may not be too keen on reading my blogs. 

Nonetheless, after due consideration, I decided that I would not vlog. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I am camera shy. Secondly, I love writing. 

As surprising as this may be for many, I am very camera shy. If you asked me to talk in front of the camera I get very anxious. If you asked me to perform a dance piece and you were to film it, well I could do that all day. I guess this is all down to what I feel comfortable doing. 

I would like to believe that this is not down to my ability to talk in front of people. I have done a lot of that: I was a drama student at school which meant I was very much used to performing/acting/talking in front of large crowds. I was also the Head Girl at my school so giving speeches became a bit of a habit for me. You may think, a girl who is able to do all of this, cannot talk to a camera? Honestly, I have no idea why but I would prefer not to. 

I love reading. Therefore, I love writing. I push myself to read different styles of text, which motivates me to want to produce such material myself. I am not a very poetic person at all, but what you read is exactly what will come out of my mouth if you spoke to me in person. My friend describes my writing as ‘simple, honest and very Praveena!’ 

I have read several blogs written by friends and others. Each of which I have found intellectually stimulating. This is what inspired me to write as well. 

I appreciate your suggestions greatly because it makes me think harder. Whether I accept or decline the offer, I still think about it. Ultimately, a very simple suggestion of ‘You should consider vlogging’ made me realise the importance of doing what you feel comfortable doing – that is when you represent yourself most honestly. 


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