The Dancer

I started at the age of six,
A non-stop journey to discovery.

I never had the confidence to call myself,
What people around me so easily called themselves – a dancer.

Getting on a stage and moving to music is not what a dancer does;
Real dancers never stop thinking, never stop creating, never stop dancing.

When people watch me dance,
They should not question nor doubt nor mock.

When people watch me dance,
They should feel the emotions I feel, reciprocate the energy I emit, see nothing but my passion.

When dancers watch me dance,
They should feel inspired, feel driven to grow further, feel like they have gained another family member.

I strive for nothing but perfection;
Every style I perform is to be executed at nothing less than 100%.

I’m no longer here to show I’ve tried,
I’m here to prove that I am a professional at what I do.

The music has not stopped.
The journey has not ended.

I am still discovering the world,
But as a changed person.

It took me 17 years to get to this stage,
But at last I have confidently started calling myself a dancer.


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