Branding – True Creativity or Utter Carelessness?

There has been an upsurge of new independent brands in fashion, make-up and jewellery in the past year, especially within our Tamil community.

The first step to setting up such a brand is creating a logo. To everyone this may be a simple symbol, but this symbol depicts the whole journey of that brand so far and then carries the whole look and feel of the brand for its upcoming journey in the wider world.

What knowledge do I have in talking about branding you may ask. Well I do not. Not to the extent of some of you guys, but I do have nearly a year’s worth of voluntary experience in the marketing field so I am aware of the the vision brand owners come in with, to drive their whole business.

I am not here to talk about the whole process, because that will not be of much interest to most of you guys. I am using this space to comment on some observations I have made as a mere spectator of all these new and upcoming businesses and brands.

True Creativity?

The look of a brand should stand out for all the right reasons. I love seeing logos and websites which best represent the ethics of their brand. Being unique and creative is an art of its own. Having a vision that is different to everyone else’s says a lot about the person or people behind that business, and this starts from the logo to the website to the products itself. So I am big fan of those who create stand-out branding, which is not very easy.

Utter Carelessness?

On the other hand, I have recently noticed very uncreative branding which resembles those of already existing brands. This is especially the case with logo designs.

What does this say about the brand and business? Well amateur is all I can say. It baffles me that individuals who have the passion for something do not spend as much time doing adequate research to ensure their business brand is original.

To conclude…

The brand represents the business and the team behind that business. People should invest time in the branding process and get a good professional marketing team to support them adequately in that process, to ensure the brand of the business stands out for all the right and unique reasons.


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