‘The Secret’

I think there was a particular order to reading the three books I ordered by Rhonda Byrne yesterday: The Secret, The Secret – Daily Teachings, The Secret – Power. As I discussed in my previous blog, I completed The Secret – Daily Teachings yesterday within 2 hours. Today, in a matter of 2 and half hours, I completed The Secret.

I do not want people to treat this blog as a review of the book. I am in no position to provide adequate reviews. However, I wanted to used this space to discuss some of the key points I learnt from this book as well as my thoughts about this concept which is the ‘law of attraction’.

1) Energy. The concept that human beings are all forms of energy baffled me – the fact that we can not be created nor destroyed, only changed. It means that we are eternal beings. We have immense power and our spiritual life will never end. I have naturally, since reading this, started to respect all living beings that much more.

2) Time. I am a huge Doctor Who fanatic. Therefore, the concept of time always made me more curious about the universe. Several years ago, I read The Time Machine, by HG Wells. In that book, time was described as the fourth dimension – a dimension through which we were travelling. This made sense to me at the time to some extent, but it never answered my questions about time travel and parallel universes. The Secret provided me with that answer – Time is an illusion. Time does not exist. We are all living in the now whilst our past and future are existing as parallel universes. This means that our future is already set in stone – the positive, and of course negative, is already sketched out, and it is our responsibility to ask the universe for it. This therefore supports the book’s argument that the ‘law of attraction’ is real and can be achieved.

3) Wealth. Before I started this book, my friend told me to take it with a pinch of salt because of how the book was very much tailored towards bringing to one materialistic matters through this law, wealth being one. Yes, my friend was right! I would like to give the benefit of the doubt that such examples were given because material matters are helpful for the wider audience to readily appreciate the happenings of the law. This law, I believe, extends beyond material matters. If money, objects and relationships, are the sole reason people start practicing this law, their understanding of the law of the universe and spirituality are very limited. This law has one overarching concept which I will discuss further in my next point.

4) One with self. The measures that one takes to achieve this law is actually mindfulness. The individual is taught to be one with self and keep their mind clear of all negative emotions. I have read this in numerous spiritual texts, and my main concern with all of it was how people would relate to it and apply it to everyday life. And this is where The Secret came in. The population was given material tools to focus on and achieve this mindfulness. Yes, I believe in the law. And I also believe that we need to work on ourselves first. In doing so, we will not even have to think about the three steps of: Ask, Believe and Receive; instead the law will be shaping around us so naturally. Therefore, the change comes from within; and the law of attraction can be viewed as merely a label, which we control, and not vice versa.

5) Thoughts. Our thoughts can be our biggest enemy. They cloud our mind constantly and make us believe in things which are not true most of the time. But because we constantly think such thoughts and start believing them to be true, our energy vibrations change to emit ones which draw people and things to us which make those false, negative thoughts a reality. We need to work to clear our mind and take control of it, which means naturally we emit a positive and confident vibe which will only attract the same.

The above 5 points made me really think about the ‘spiritual’ person. I have seen many individuals who have read The Secret, and such texts alike, and then gone around calling themselves ‘spiritual’ beings. I am not here to doubt that at all, but their actions and behaviour say something different altogether.

I have been reading spiritual texts for nearly a year and half now. I am in the phase of slowly learning about spirituality and the spiritual mindset. I do not consider myself a spiritual being yet; I am in the very early stages of learning about it. I am proud of it and I want to continue to learn.

I do not meditate regularly. I just read texts. So the next stage for me is to start incorporating meditation into my daily living, which is something I will work towards. Ultimately, I do not want to be a person to showcase my spiritual growth to the public for the sake of it. Let my life be an example of the impact that spiritual knowledge has had on me.


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