‘The Four Agreements’

Don Miguel Ruiz wrote a great book called The Four Agreements. My friend was the one who recommended me this book, and honestly, it has been my best investment I have made in the last month! Thank you to my beautiful friend for letting me know of this book.

As with all my recent blogs, I am going to use this space to showcase the take home messages which I have gathered from reading this book. The content of it is so rich; so I would recommend anyone interested, to read it for yourself, because what you gage from it may be completely different to what I have learnt.

1) Domestication. I find this concept so fascinating but real at the same time. The biggest fear humans have is the fear of living our lives the way we want. The reason for this is because of how we have been ‘domesticated’ based on the so-called social, cultural or religious norms. We need to learn to step out of this vicious cage called domestication and learn to live the life we want – and not the life which our ancestors wanted. Only then will we be on the path to finding our true self and being one with self.

2) The power of word. The reason for why I started blogging was because I found the power of words the most enthralling and life-changing. Every word we speak or write has an impact. Remember that! Every positive word we speak has a positive impact. Every negative word we speak has a negative impact. I value words so much and therefore have all my life tried to avoid swearing as much as possible. The reason for this is because it has very negative connotations. If there is one thing which I would like to kindly ask all my readers, try and get out of the habit of swearing, if that is something you struggle with. Let this be the first step you take to embracing and utilizing the power of word to its fullest.

3) Acceptance. I do not have the need to be accepted so what others say to me or about me does not phase me. I am leading as much of a proper life as I can. I am minding my own business and avoid talking about others because I do not have time to pay attention to others, when I have my own life to think about. I do not try to hurt people. If people hurt me, I move away. The most important thing for me is to accept myself. That is all that matters, and that is all that should matter. I want to be a better version of myself every day.

I have been writing so much recently, and so I am likely to take a break for a few days at least – (I say ‘likely’ because knowing me, I do not know how feasible that will be!). However, over the past 2 days I have read 4 spiritual texts. All 4 texts have taught me different practices and principles which I will slowly but surely incorporate into my daily living.

Being ‘spiritual’ has become fashionable. It is inevitable to note that people feel ‘wise’ when they call themselves ‘spiritual’.

What I have learnt is that being ‘spiritual’ is more than a fashion statement. It is more than a trend. It is real. A truly spiritual being will need not say they are spiritual, every action and behaviour and word they speak will showcase it. You may think it is ironic that I am saying this. I have never claimed that I am a spiritual being. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, I am still on the path to uncovering what spirituality really is. I am applying it to my daily living and truly feeling the essence of it. I am in the early stages of practicing it. This may not have been clearly communicated in my previous blogs, but now I have. I am on an infinite journey of discovering what spirituality and the power of the universe really are.


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