My dad’s amazing taste in Sarees!

So I attended my friend’s wedding and wedding reception recently. For the wedding reception I wore a saree which many people seem to have really liked. Therefore, I thought to share that with everyone.

Here is a picture of the saree (Sorry I do not have a proper picture of me in it – and sorry best friend for cropping you out so terribly!):

Everyone’s favourite seems to be the saree. The saree was one which my dad got for me very recently from Sri Lanka. The moment I saw it, I fell in love.

As many of you who follow my Instagram and Blog may know, I am a fan of simple, plain sarees. This saree is a simple one, but with sequins, prints, ombré touches, multi-colours…yet the combination does not look tacky at all. In fact the complete opposite – it looks elegant and sophisticated.

I then paired this saree with a crop top which you all may recognise from before – the one which I wore with my pink/purple ombré saree a couple of weeks ago. And Voila!

So at this point, seeing as it is Fathers’ Day today…thank you Appa having the best taste in sarees and buying ones which make me feel like a Princess! ❤

PS: I am definitely grateful for a lot more than just his ability to select and buy nice sarees! For the purposes of this post however, I did not want to wander into different realms!


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