My hair care routine

I get a lot of enquiries about my hair care when people meet me in person, or via social media. I honestly do not do much, but whatever I do is tailored towards long lasting healthy hair, especially because I have never always had amazing hair. Even now, I have areas of thin/bald patches which have slowly been getting better over time.

A lot of the habits I have acquired are from my mother. She has amazing hair, *touchwood*. I have grown up practicing the following natural rituals which have actually helped my hair grow healthily and long. These have worked wonders for me, but everyone’s hair type is different so I cannot guarantee it will work for you, but nothing beats staying natural!

1. I wash my hair no more than twice a week. Washing my hair too much makes it very dry and increases the chances of me developing dandruff which then increases hair fall. So I usually wash my hair once or twice a week max.

2. Before I wash my hair, I make sure to massage coconut hair oil into the roots of my hair and my hairline. Ideally I would do this the night before I wash my hair, but sometimes due to busy schedules this may not be the case. Even if I do this one or two hours before washing my hair, I see the benefits. The oil has helped me fight off a dry scalp. Putting oil is one thing but actually massaging it into my scalp is what I believe has stimulated hair growth.

3. I use as natural of a shampoo as possible. I’ve started realising that the shampoos with loads of chemicals or are nicely scented actually dry my scalp a lot more. I’ve been using a coconut-based shampoo recently which my mother got me. It is slightly pricey but it has been brilliant for my hair.

4. I do not blow-dry my hair. I’m scared of blow-drying my hair! The moment I have washed my hair I soak up excess water with a towel and then let it dry naturally. I really don’t think that deeply about having to go out with wet hair. It is not the end of world!

5. I do not straighten, curl or dye my hair. I’ve been against using heat products on my hair. I have seen so many girls around me who started off with voluminous hair and then lost the volume over the years due to heat and dying products. I’m quite comfortable with my hair as it is. Sometimes it is a mess, but whatever. I’m comfortable and that’s all I care about.

6. I do trim my hair from time to time. I was so bad at this, I will put my hands up to it. I love my long hair and I would go months/years without cutting it. My mum would look at my hair and tell me off in tamil because according to her my hair would go through periods where it would look like a ‘rat’s tail’! (No offence to a rat’s tail of course). She nagged me a lot and once I did cut my hair, I realised how healthy my hair looked then looked.

7. I aim to drink plenty of water and have plenty of fruits, veg and protein. Many individuals forget that the health of our skin and hair is a direct reflection of the food and drinks we consume.

My mother is a woman who is 50+ years yet her hair is still so voluminous, full of colour and health. I have been religiously following her advice about hair care because I have never had the best of hair. When I am her age or more, I want to have healthy hair so the process to get there starts now.

Hope you found this useful! 🙏🏾


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