Late Night Musings

It is 00:19. I have not been blogging in a while, so when I did get into the swing of things today I could not stop myself.

I do think a lot. My thoughts can be my biggest strength and my greatest weakness. However, blogging is a way in which I have started to become more aware of my thoughts.

The struggles and challenges are not a reflection of me. However, the way I deal with them is a true reflection of me.

I constantly face physical, mental, emotional and spiritual difficulties in life. I could be an individual who looks at these challenges as my own failing in life. However I am so proud of myself. Each of these challenges is an indicator that I do not like playing it safe. It is a sign that I am trying! I like doing things that push me and take me out of my comfort zone.

Every day, week, month and year I make sure to strive higher than the previous. Others may not see any growth or difference, but I see it constantly.

With every patient I talk to, every book I read, every blog I write, every dance cover I do, every competition I take part in, every performance I do, every day I survive, I am growing into a better person. This is all taking me one step closer to being the best version of myself.


One thought on “Late Night Musings

  1. srijan says:

    I just finished reading a lot of posts, that you have been writing since months now! And there’s a lot to you, that is just so admirable! I’ll mention them.
    1) Your hard working nature!
    I read how you managed, your business, University and dancing. And I dont think people understand, as to how many efforts, sacrifices, determination it must have taken you! And that is really impressive.
    2) How organised you’re.
    I read your schedule. The way you plan, your everyday. The routine, might get a lil too common, but still this is a really nice thing, that you’ve developed over the years.
    3) Your honesty!
    No matter how were you, or you’re for that matter, you’re honest about it. And I guess, this comes as a person gradually matures over the years! And I loved this about you!
    4) Your Kind hearted nature.
    I’m sure, you get a lot of patients. And i know, you’re very kind to them! You love your job, so ofc, you’re working for the community and also to make other people’s life very happy.
    5) Your maturity.
    You’re really mature. I’ve read you, time and again. And i’ve witnessed it.
    6) Like i said, you’ll be a great wife. And a lovely mom, to a few lucky kids. I’m telling you, they will be really lucky.
    well, I can go on and on. for there’s so much about you, that i seem to admire. i wish you the best, praveena! may you achieve all that you desire.

    with love


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