‘The Secret – Daily Teachings’

The whole purpose of The Secret – Daily Teachings, by Rhonda Byrne, was to read one page a day. It had quotes and sayings which would take one through the whole year. Naturally, however, I sat down and read the whole thing in no more than 2 hours!

I am not using this space to provide a break down of the all the quotes with in depth analyses, no. I wanted to describe the three most important take home messages which I believe everyone could benefit from.

1) Be grateful. Every minute of our lives, the universe gives us something which we should be grateful for. Therefore, the prime mantra to get used to fully practice using is ‘Thank You.’ There are so many things each day that we should be thankful for, yet because of the nature of our lives, we never give ourselves the opportunity to fully appreciate it. If we took 10 minutes a day to think about the several things we were grateful for that day, we will realise that each day is actually an amazing one.

2) Replace the ‘If’ with ‘When’. The word ‘if’ communicates a sense of doubt. The word ‘when’ has a level of certainty. You start believing in your aspirations, and therefore your present actions become that much more important. Ultimately, you start to believe in yourself.

3) The Universe provides you with what you need. If you are faced with any bad happenings, believe that it is because the Universe is providing you with an opportunity to learn and develop yourself: only then will you be able to appreciate the positive things the Universe hands to you in the future. Therefore, learn to appreciate and search for good in all the bad; that way you are at peace with your mind and therefore in balance with the Universe.

Just remember…’Good thoughts, good words, good actions’!


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